Saturday, November 20, 2010


hello dearests! be prepared! my tagboard's gonna be spammed(i guess).
why? cuz i'm gonna spam a whore's blog :) yup! so...
BE PREPARED. don't have to scold back or whatever shit(duh if you want you can"). cuz i ain't gonna give a FUCK bout this blog anymore ;D it's mother fucking dead ^-^

hais, she never come spam leh... she go change her URL. her new URL is.......

AND DUH, perhaps... maybe... she saw me post this. and so, she privated her blog! smart isn't she! :O gah!
how how how! duhhh, simple! found new way to SPAM SPAM SPAM! and...........

Monday, October 11, 2010


Estimated time till Geog exam starts: 9hr 17min?

sorry my mathematics suck, i know. been failing that subject for almost 2 years. hmph. i'm feeling so bored in the night. midnight i mean. you know when everyone's asleep and i'm up alone on facebook. staring at (dontknowwhatevershit) that comes up at the news feed, one by one, it's like total shit-ee-ness. okay ya whatever (N). have not studied for GEOGRAPHY during the weekend as i've left my textbook and notes in the classroom andddd guesss whattttt i'm gonna be so dead when i get back my results. have no plans for what course to choose next year. yup, i'm just too lousy for the courses. i hate DNT but i guess that would be one of my choices when i have no choice. fuckmylifehard.

four more papers to go before EOY officially ends. Geography, History, Science and lastlyyyy MATHS PAPER TWO. weeeeee; just stated all my enemies' names. wtfuck. studystudystudy, in the end also still human what, also won't transform into some goddess or something right. -,- right, enough of the study study exam exam education thingy. sick.
can't wait to grow up up up and just forget bout studying and education and stuffs. what the heck is education all about. it doesn't include attire and stuffs right? then why is the principal still fucking on it. fuck-this-school.

just got my new contact lenses yesterday, 3 boxes. and some whatever products which bombed my mom's wallet. yay, free facial treatment ^^ okay ya whateverzzzzzzz. hate my skin like how i hate my enemies. seriously, it's really.. shitting me like a piece of shit. shiat! fuckfuckfuck. why am i bornt to have this skin problem, super irritating okay. eczema eczema eczema, fuck you. you made the skin on my face TEAR and INFLAMED and my eyes like panda. sounds too disgusting to be true but sad to say that it is. true. bamz whatever. yawnssssssssssss it's 1.03am and i don't feel like sleeping because the moment i sleep, my alarm rings. great, how annoying.

alright shall stop here and continue getting my eyes rot in front of the laptop. but i feel that my eyelids weigh heavier and heavier like a million kilograms..........................

can't take it anymore.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010


i finally got this thing i wanted.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


thinking of the past, i feel really stupid. i dont understand why i kept saying that you held me so tight. i thought of the negative side, but i never thought of the positive side of it. i feel so dumb. i never treasured you. i hurt you, i made you feel lonely and that i have an insecure love for you. we went through quarrels and misunderstandings. but i still didnt change my old self and we had more quarrels. till a day you wanted to break up with me, thinking that i would be happier in a way. my heart dropped on the floor and my tears flowed down nonstop and then i realised... how much you meant to me, how badly i need you in my life, how much i couldnt lose you. when you heard my cry, you regretted. and we got back together, you promised not to leave me. i felt happy. i am the happiest girl in the world.

everything's fine now. every single day with you are filled with laughter. i love you. thank you for making the days of my life so colourful. i am the luckiest girl because of you. i have you, you are my everything. i promise to be faithful. baby you're always in my heart even though you're not beside me. forever may be true, for us.